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Magnet Fishing

Complete Fishing Magnet Kit Double Sided Magnet Fishing Pulling Force 760 Lbs, Heavy Duty Rope, Durable Grappling Hook and Carabiner, Gloves, Bag, Thread Locker, Scraper for Magnet Fishing in River

Customer Reviews

This kit contains all you will need to start magnet fishing. Every single piece is quality made! I was worried it wouldn't be strong enough ,but I thought hey I can't lift three hundred pounds ,and this thing lifts 765 lbs. The braided rope is soft, supple, and strong! It doesn't curl twist or tangle! The magnet can be configured two different ways. The caribiner is already tied to the rope ( someone knows how to tie knots cudos !) With all the different magnet companies I'm glad I finally decided on Nikoc .Thanks for a really quality product.

Donald Watson


Would recommend Love this. My 4 year old loves to use this. Lots of rope and easy to pull up.

Sarah pompa


Satisfied with my purchase Hercules in a magnet and unbelievable strong . And also kids love it

Wahe oz


Strong recovery tool Works great. When floating and kayaking the river, this was a fun item to have. Between helping clean up the river if peoples trash and finding some really cool and $$$ items. It's becoming a new hobby when the fishing is slow because of time of day, to do something else. I holds very well to various items, and the hook was a nice addition. I don't have a picture of what I've gotten out of the river, but it did do very well for recovering items from the deep !



Great Quality Great quality, arrived less than a week time. 5 stars

Brian William


Great starter kit Great magnet starter kit. I use it everyday.

Suzan Couzens


Great product, got what I expected

Aysha Duran


All you need to magnet fish Can't wait to use this! Good quality

Linda Williams


very cool I really love it... wonderful...

Amazon Customer



Includes everything you need to get started all in one magnet fishing kit. Powerful Fishing Magnet 760 LBS, stainless steel grappling hook, 65 ft heavy duty rope, stainless steel carabiner, well designed carry bag, one pair magnetic fishing gloves, one 242 thread locker, one plastic scraper. Have fun to searching treasure!


Powerful Double Sided Neodymium Fishing Magnet with two eye bolts has two magnetic surfaces, 67mm diameter and 25mm thickness pulling force 760 LBS (344 kg totally) each side produces 380lbs/172kg with (2 Pack M10 eyelet), perfectly ideal for treasure hunting, lifting or retrieving lost valuables objects, ancient objects in river, lake or retrieving lost valuables objects in your garage or workplace. It can be used for both vertically or horizontally.


Strong, made of solid stainless steel, size: (length: 19cm-7.4 inch, hook to hook distance: 15cm-5.9 inch); bearing force (80kg/176lb), perfectly useful tool to pick up items you can't pull with the magnet you find in the water, suitable for multiple purposes such as magnetic fishing, retrieving, tree climbing etc.


Durable, highly visible 65 FT (20M) lenght; (6mm) diameter, tensile strength:550 Pounds (250kg) heavy duty rope comes with stainless steel locking carabiner. We've also included a pair of non-slip magnetic fishing gloves, one well designed bag is for carrying and storage of all the stuff, one plastic scraper to keep your magnet clean and 6ml bottle of thread locker which will prevent loosening of the eyebolt. Just apply 2-3 drops on threads and screw into eyelet.


Your happiness and satisfaction is our top priority. We are 100% Confident on the quality of our Magnet, grappling hook, rope, carabiner, carry bag, gloves and other all equipment in the complete magnet fishing kit.

Product description

Magnet fishing is a new style hobby and a passion 

Have you ever dreamed of what you may find with magnet fishing at the bottom of a lake or river? It could be weapons, bikes or old tools, jewellery, coins, knifes even treasure.

Complete Package Includes 

✔760 LBS Double Sided Neodymium Magnet (344 kg totally) each side 380lbs/172kg with two eye bolts, 67mm diameter and 25mm thickness.      
✔Stainless Steel Grappling Hook, (length: 19cm-7.4 inch, hook to hook distance: 15cm-5.9 inch) bearing force (80kg/176lb)       
✔Heavy duty rope, 65 ft (20m) lenght; (6mm) diameter, tensile strength:550 Pounds (250kg)       
✔High Quality Stainless Steel Carabiner (Threaded Twist Locking)      
✔One pair magnetic Non-Slip Rubber Gloves       
✔Well designed carry bag (42cm x 33cm-16.5 inch x 13 inch)     
✔One 242 thread locker (6 ml)     
✔One Plastic Scraper                                     

Legal Disclaimer

✔Be carefull that powerful fishing magnet can pinch your fingers 
✔Wear gloves to avoid injury when pulling the rope and handling sharp and rusted metal 
✔Keep this magnet away from all electronics devices such as television, phones, computers, bank/credit cards and metal or electronic body implants like pacemakers and hearing aid etc. 
✔Be very careful in areas where unexploded bombs or other ammunition can be found, do not touch them and call the  police 
✔Keep magnet  away from children. Store it out of reach for children 
✔We do not recommend that pregnant women use powerful magnets 
✔Neodymium magnets can be fun but they should always be handled with care